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Marrow is a medical students' society engaged in the fight against leukemiaOur main goals are:

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Promote blood stem cells donation

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Recruit new stem cells donors in order to register them in the international register

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Raise funds to fight leukemia

Every day in Switzerland, children and adults develop life-threatening blood diseases such as leukemia or lymphoma. Stem cells transplant is often their last resort and their only hope left to fully recover. Unfortunately, in 75% of the cases, patients are not compatible with their family members. In these situations, it is essential to find an unrelated compatible donor. Therefore, this is where the international register of stem cells donors comes into play to find a match. In Switzerland, the entire cost of the registration is covered by Transfusion SRC (Swiss Red Cross), which means that the enrollment as a donor is completely free to the public. However, there are significant costs associated with each registration due to the laboratory analysis of samples from new donors. For Marrow, keeping the registration free of charge is essential in order to encourage new donors to register and to continue our fight against leukemia. That's why we need YOU today.

Are you interested in our cause and would you like to know more about it?  

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Do you want to know more about our society?

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Some of you may know us already, especially within the German speaking part of Switzerland, where we organize the Lauf gegen Leukämie, an event organized by three Marrow sections, which are Basel, Bern and Zurich.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to throw our previous concepts overboard in 2021. Therefore, the seven sections of Marrow joined forces to organize a new and extraordinary event open to everyone across the country. This is how the first nationwide Leukemia Charity Run was born.

Last year's run was such a success, that it was immediately clear to us that we would like to organize such a run again. Once more, it's time to get your running shoes or walking sticks on. Whether on foot, in a wheelchair or in a pram, everyone is invited to run or roll along. Together we will fight leukemia!


We will be glad to answer you
For any question related to the event, please contact:

Marrow Zürich
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