The weekend of the 30th of April and 1st of May, the Marrow society welcomes you to an exclusive event to fight against leukemia:

The Leukemia Charity Run

The idea is simple: help us achieve as many kilometers as possible during one weekend

Thanks to our sponsors, every kilometer run will raise funds towards our fight against leukemia. If you would like to support us even further, find your own 'sponsors' to fundraise money for this fantastic cause. Whether you are walking, running, taking part with a wheelchair or a stroller, everyone is invited to take part in this race. Every kilometer counts! The event is virtual, so you can participate from wherever you would like. 

Anywhere in Switzerland

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At any moment

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Free of charge

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How does it work?


In order to participate, click on the “register” icon on our website. You will then be redirected to the page of our partner fundoo, where you can register yourself. Before registering, you must create your account with fundoo. Your registration is completely free. If you wish to support us further, you can choose from different donation packages on the website. With your registration and donation you help maintain the registry for blood stem cell donation and give people waiting for a donation new hope. Once you have registered, you will immediately receive an email with which you can complete your registration. And you're already in!

For those who want to shine as a team, it is also possible to register as a group. To do this, choose a leader who takes over the registration for the group members. Simply switch to the "Team" registration. The team members do not necessarily have to run together, their respective distances are simply added up and the total appears in the team ranking. Of course, it is still much more fun to run together.


The D-Day

On the weekend of the 30th of April and 1st of May, take the route you want. You choose your distance, as well as your pace: walking, hiking, running, whichever you prefer, even taking part in a wheelchair is possible! It is recommended to keep track of your route using any tracking application (e.g. fundoo, Strava, Adidas Running, Suunto). On the 30th of April and/or the 1st of May you can also participate several times as all your kilometers will be summed up. To promote our great cause even more, we encourage you to take photos of yourself, your tracking app or your run and share them in your story on Instagram by tagging us (@leukemia_charity_run).


The results

At the end of your run you enter your distance and time directly into your fundoo account.

Find your own sponsors

You would like to gather even more donations for our cause? In this case, we have just the right thing for you: Ask your friends, family or colleagues if they want to support you as personal sponsors. Via the “Support”-button on your fundoo-account, you will find a link to share with your personal sponsors. They are then able to register and donate either a fixed amount or donate a certain amount per kilometer you tracked. Every franc helps to maintain the swiss blood stem cell register and to keep its registration free. After the run, your sponsors will receive both a bill as well as a thanking note following their donation.

The prizes

to be announced

Every kilometer counts, help us make a difference!